phenqIt’s impossible to believe how many “incredible, groundbreakingfat burners and diet supplements are introduced into the market every month. There are so many that you’d swear many companies are just taking their old products, throwing new labels onto them and selling the exact same thing under a different name.

You’d be right.

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Most of the fat burners you see pushed so heavily on TV and online are really just the same tired, old-school supplements that never really worked in the first place. But manufacturers know that millions of people are so desperate to find a solution to their weight problems that they’ll buy almost anything. So they keep running expensive marketing campaigns while selling the same pills under new names, and making big money without helping anyone (except themselves and their investors, of course).

It’s a huge scam – and it’s a shame.

That’s why we were so intrigued when we discovered the first truly different, scientifically-based diet supplement in a long, long time: PhenQ. And it’s why we were so eager to get our hands on it and do an in-depth PhenQ review.

Here’s a teaser for what we found: the product is a revelation for those who’ve been trying for years to burn fat, lose weight and finally get healthy without going on starvation diets and spending countless hours in the gym every day.

PhenQ is actually designed to work with your body in five different ways, to stop the production of new fat and burn the body fat that’s already there, while suppressing your appetite and boosting your energy and mood. That’s an integrated approach other so-called diet supplements don’t offer – and what makes IN-PHENTERMINE-Q stands out in a crowded landscape of “miracle diet pills.”

You can probably already tell that we were impressed. To learn just how impressed we were, please read on.

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What Is PhenQ?

Let’s start with the basics and manufacturer’s claims.

It is a 100% natural fat burning, weight loss and slimming supplement. Its claimed benefits come from the blending of a number of traditional diet pill ingredients with some uncommon but highly effective ones, into a single pill taken twice a day. In that way, multiple supplements and the properties that makes it unique are combined to work as efficiently as possible – helping the user lose weight and keep it off. In theory, it’s a “whole body” approach that’s much less expensive than taking a number of different pills which might even work at cross-purposes, and inadvertently slow down weight loss instead of speeding it up.

The science behind these diet pills makes sense. It’s based on the rate of the body’s metabolism and the principle of thermogenesis, both of which we’ll explain shortly (and don’t worry, we’ll do it in just one paragraph!). To do its work, this supplement uses a proprietary formula called “α-Lacys Reset” which has been extensively researched, rigorously tested under scientific guidelines, and even trademarked so no other company can use it. In short, this isn’t just “another weight loss pill.” It really is a groundbreaking approach.

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Check Out Some Of The Amazing PhenQ Customer Reviews Below!

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How Does PhenQ Work?

We’ve mentioned that this supplement works in tandem with the body’s natural functions to take five simultaneous approaches to weight loss:

  • Burning unwanted and unnecessary body fat
  • Preventing the buildup of new fat stores
  • Suppressing the appetite to prevent overeating
  • Boosting the body’s energy to prevent crashes and aid in fat burning
  • Improving the user’s mood to make the process less stressful and prevent “emotional eating”

That’s a lot to ask of a single pill, but the combination of high-quality PhenQ ingredients has been smartly chosen to get the job done. Here’s a closer look at those ingredients, and how they work with the body.

α-Lacys Reset: This is the trademarked “secret formula” that distinguishes these diet pills from the rest of the pack, and it performs two important tasks. First, it stimulates the body’s metabolism, which converts food (and fat) into energy; metabolic speed determines how many excess calories are burned, and how quickly. Second, it boosts the body’s thermogenesis – the natural process by which calories are burned to produce heat. To put it simply, α-Lacys Reset turns up the body’s thermostat to induce even more calorie and fat burning, turning what you eat into energy instead of fat while also burning the stored fat you want to lose. No other supplement on the market makes use of α-Lacys Reset for these two important functions. In fact, no other product can use it, because it’s a proprietary formula.

Capsimax Powder: An extensively-tested and proven ingredient used regularly in weight loss products, capsicum (a type of pepper, similar to chili pepper) is blended with piperine (the key ingredient in black pepper) and niacin to increase thermogenesis in the body even further. Working hand-in-hand with α-Lacys Reset, they allow the burning of more fat than any competitive product. Some experts believe that piperine may even work to prevent the building up new fat stores in the body.

Calcium Carbonate: Numerous studies have shown that dieters who also take sufficient calcium supplements lose more body fat and more weight than those who don’t. It’s believed that calcium signals the body that the body is healthy, so no additional fat needs to be stored. This allows new fat to be turned into energy and existing fat stores to be burned off.

Chromium Picolinate: Research shows that chromium eases the body’s natural cravings for carbohydrates by properly controlling blood sugar levels. This not only makes the most efficient use of the sugars in food, but dramatically reduces appetite.

Nopal: A cactus commonly used in Mexican cooking, the high fiber content of nopal means it will absorb water and sugars and expand to make you feel full quickly, help to regulate blood sugar, and flush excess liquid and fat out of your system quickly. Nopal also builds energy through its high amino acid content.

Caffeine: We probably don’t have to tell you that just about all fat burners and weight loss supplements, including this one, contain caffeine for its energy-creating and appetite suppressant abilities. It also helps boost thermogenesis.

L-Carnitine Furmarate: This is the amino acid found in meat, green vegetables and nuts that’s principally responsible for burning stored fat. It’s another powerful PhenQ ingredient.

This is the active lineup that arguably puts this supplement way ahead of the crowd. Each ingredient is all-natural, effective and proven to work for powerful weight loss. But we know what you really want to hear is our report on PhenQ results.

Does PhenQ Really Work?

Before we get to real-life PhenQ reviews and results, it’s impressive to simply look at the scientific, clinical testing that’s been done on α-Lacys Reset, the key active ingredient in the supplement.

That research has proven that amazing weight loss and fat loss occurs after regular use of α-Lacys Reset, but that’s not the end of the story. Studies have also documented gains in lean muscle mass which are equally impressive. Participants taking α-Lacys Reset showed an average fat loss of 7.24%, an average weight loss of 3.44%, and a corresponding gain of 3.80% in healthy muscle mass. So at the same time they were losing their problem weight and stored fat, they were building a new, sculpted body. And that was without the benefit of the rest of the PhenQ ingredients.

OK, it’s “real world” time – and the PhenQ results are just as terrific, with the obvious cautions that no supplement is a magic wand that works immediately and that no one’s results are ever exactly the same.

Within a few days, the body’s metabolism speeds up and thermogenesis (the body’s thermostat, remember?) kicks into high gear, beginning the fat burning process. Meanwhile, the appetite suppressants and energy generators begin working their magic, so you’re not as hungry as you used to be and emotional eating urges decline.

It may take a few weeks or a month to see a major difference when you step on the scale, but you should start to feel more energetic and healthier even before that. And once the pounds start to drop the benefits of PhenQ diet pills continue to build; it’s completely realistic to expect a 7-10% loss of total body weight within 4-6 months.

Add sensible exercise and easy dietary changes (for example, cutting way down on soda and junk food and drinking a full glass of water before each meal) to the mix, and it gets even better. Dropping 15% of your total body weight with PhenQ diet pills is not only achievable, but right around the average results reported in thousands of PhenQ reviews from satisfied users. And that should only take about 3-4 months.

The weight loss results are startling with this product, but so is the way the body starts to rebuild itself once it doesn’t have tons of stored fat in the belly, thighs, butt and other problem areas. A leaner, meaner and more muscular body – along with the energy to fully enjoy it – are the real, long-lasting PhenQ “before and after” effects.

Bottom line? It works, it works extremely well, and it works better than the “same old diet pills” on the market. We don’t know whether it’s the α-Lacys Reset or just the right mix of PhenQ ingredients (and we suspect it’s both) – it just works. And for added peace of mind the manufacturers offer a 60-day, no-questions-asked guarantee, so if you don’t think the product is working the way it should after a couple of months, you haven’t risked a thing.

Are There PhenQ Side Effects?

Since this product is 100% all-natural, no worrisome side effects have been reported. This supplement is made from the highest-quality natural ingredients, adhering to rigorous US and British standards in FDA and GMP-approved laboratory facilities. Unlike those dangerous prescription fat-loss pills you may have heard about, there are no PhenQ side effects warnings whatsoever.

Of course, certain people (such as women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people taking other medications, or those below the age of 18) should always consult their doctor before using any supplements, including this one. That’s just common sense.

Is the Supplement Expensive?

We were very surprised to learn that despite greater performance and effectiveness, it doesn’t cost more to buy PhenQ than most of its so-called competitors in the fat burning and weight loss supplement market. In truth, it’s quite a bit less expensive than some of the alleged “miracle supplements” we’ve reviewed over the years.

The PhenQ price for a bottle of 60 pills which will last for a month is less than $70, and it ships for free. And with the PhenQ coupon that is apparently always available, you can get a third bottle for free when you purchase two, bringing the price per bottle down to well below $50. There’s even an offer that lets you combine this supplement with another of their popular products for even greater savings.

How do you use a PhenQ coupon at your local pharmacy or supplement outlet? Unfortunately, you can’t. You can only buy PhenQ online, since the company keeps its prices low by avoiding expenses like outside marketing, worldwide transportation and warehousing. It seems like a good deal to us, and it’s convenient to get the lowest PhenQ price possible while having it shipped right to your door. Click Here To Go To The Official Website, The Only Place Where You Can Buy Original PhenQ Pills Safely

The Verdict

We mentioned at the start of this PhenQ review that we were intrigued by this fat burning and weight loss supplement. Intrigued doesn’t mean impressed, however, and we didn’t expect to be amazed once we’d fully dug into the product.

But we were amazed, because PhenQ is the real deal. It’s not a recycled version of a product that’s been around for decades, it not simply a different mix of the same ingredients “everyone else” uses – and it’s not a scam.

PhenQ takes the very best, proven diet supplements and combines them with its own, trademarked α-Lacys Reset formula to kick-start metabolism and thermogenesis, for the ultimate in fat burning and weight loss. At the same time, it curbs appetite, boosts energy and mood, and helps you build a new, lean body. The results are, frankly, startlingly good.

If you’ve tried other products without success, or even given up completely on the entire idea of weight loss supplements, you owe it to yourself to buy PhenQ and give it a try. You’ll notice the difference quickly – and after a few months, you’ll make a point of stopping by our site to thank us for this review.

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